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The Slice: Maria nabs notebook in ode singoff

Pass the biscuits, please.

Quite a few Slice readers knew that the 3rd of June/Billie Joe McAllister reference in Monday’s column came from “Ode to Billie Joe,” the soaked-in-summer 1967 hit song by Bobbie Gentry.

And, as requested, several dozen left voice mail messages in which they sang a little bit of it. Thanks to all.

Not everyone got the lyrics exactly right. For instance, it’s “Tallahatchie Bridge,” not “Tallahassee,” as a few had it. And the song’s narrator was out “choppin’” cotton, not “pickin’” it.

But those are quibbles. My admiration for the good-natured folks who were willing to have fun with this blast from the past is profound and sincere.

Selecting a winner was hard. The song stylists were such good sports, I couldn’t easily choose one over another.

So I am awarding the reporter’s notebook to Spokane’s Maria Washington. She sang a fine version of the Top 40 Southern gothic. And I have sort of owed her something ever since hitting her in the head with a softball back in 2004, during one of The Slice’s extra-credit forays into reader interactivity.

Hear a sampling of readers singing “Ode to Billie Joe.”

(Don’t worry, Slice vocalists. Your names and other personal information have been carefully edited out of this entertaining recording.)

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And Steven Wells said his miniature dachshund might want to sign up for Camp Chewwittupp.

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