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Badgered because of the badge

First, you should know that former Lake City cop Jim Crooker is “a good officer (who) goes the extra mile for victims of crimes.” This, according to CPD Blue spokeswoman Christie Wood. Onward. Seems a Portland vegan biz owner didn’t fancy Crooker or his time spent serving his country as a Marine in the Iraq war as much as Sgt. Wood does. Crooker, who has worked for two years with the Portland department after spending seven with CPD Blue, didn’t intend to make headlines when he dropped by the Red & Black Café for a cup of joe in May. On the way out, Crooker was approached by a customer who told him she appreciated the hard job police do for the community – and then by café co-owner John Langley, who said he didn’t want a uniformed officer in the vegan shop. Lynne Terry of the Oregonian goes on to report: “The incident, which was brief, speaks volumes about the tensions between Portland police and some members of the community who are more worried about police shootings than protection.” Crooker shrugged off the incident, according to Terry, stating: “It was not personal. He was being hostile to my uniform.” Wonder who Langley’s going to call if he’s mugged or his business robbed?

Amber remains alert

In the “Where Are They Now” Dept. … Amber Deahn has moved to Moscow – and founded Guardians of Innocence, a nonprofit group aimed at protecting kids from pedophiles. Deahn’s involvement in the advocacy group should come as no surprise to anyone who recognizes her name. Deahn is the ex-Denny’s waitress who stalled murderous pedophile Joseph Duncan in the restaurant long enough for police to arrive to rescue Shasta Groene. Deahn explained Guardians of Innocence to Lewiston Tribune reporter David Johnson: “ ‘The whole idea of naming it Guardians of Innocence is because children are the embodiment of innocence. They don’t know anything. They just speak their mind because they’re innocent of everything.” After meeting Amber at her CdA home a few years back, I’m not surprised to know she’s still on alert protecting little ones from monsters like Duncan.


Poet’s Corner: “He swam in the pond/with never a care/and a bullfrog ran off/with his underwear – The Bard of Sherman Avenue (“The Boy Who Skinny Dipped”) … Sad But True: “The M’s started out spiffy/With Ichiro and Ken Griffey/But this season’s dragged on/And now Griffey’s gone/And the rest of the batters are ‘whiffy’” – Idaho Escapee (“Gone with the Griffey”) … Scanner Traffic (from Friday, June 4): “James has handcuffed himself inside his vehicle in Hayden Library lot and needs help because his handcuff key doesn’t work” … Your Huckleberry Hound didn’t know that state Rep. Phil Hart and commissioner-elect Jai Nelson were an item until it came up during a recent HucksOnline blog discussion … Nic Casey of the Rants, Raves, & Random Thoughts blog underscored how deeply we depend on cyberspace when he announced to his friends on Facebook: “ ‘Attention interweb friends: I’m logging off to go read a book. Yes, I said ‘book.’ It’s what we did before the internet was invented.” A book? What’s that? … The Kootenai County GOP Central Committee is listing further to the right than usual. Thirty-eight of the 71 precinct spots up for grabs during the primary were won by candidates endorsed by the religious conservative group, Rally Right … Poll: By 62.6percent to 30.6 percent, HucksOnline readers opposed the move by the city to tear down Parkside Bistro. … Also, 74percent said they lost some faith in Superintendent Hazel Bauman and Coeur d’Alene school trustees for pushing through teacher collaborations on Monday mornings, despite widespread public opposition.

Parting shot

Did Larry Craig really tell an interviewer for “The Daily Show” that one of his favorite perks during his U.S. Senate days was (drum roll, please) – his parking spot because he spent so much time at the airport? He volunteered the info, after warning correspondent John Oliver that he wouldn’t answer questions about the infamous bathroom incident. (You can YouTube this.) I’m amazed that Craig didn’t know what he was facing when irreverent Jon Stewart’s equally irreverent reporter came calling. It’s hard to feel sorry for a guy who’s so clueless.


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