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100 years ago

More than 20,000 people spent their Flag Day checking out downtown Spokane’s newest hotel: The Hotel Coeur d’Alene.

The hotel was owned by Jacob “Dutch Jake” Goetz and Harry Baer, partners in the Bunker Hill and Sullivan mines, and cost an estimated $250,000. Tucked away in the hotel bar was a panoramic picture of a white, lop-eared burro, which by legend helped his owner, Goetz, scratch away the dirt of North Idaho to reveal the region’s precious metals.

The hotel claimed to be the place where “presidents will feel honored to stop, with prices in reach of the commercial traveler and the great middle class who desire comfort, convenience and common good cheer.” Lodgings in the new hotel could be had starting for $1, newspaper ads boasted.

Its grand marble staircase made quite a first impression, according to news accounts of the opening day festivities.

The Hotel Coeur d’Alene was built across from the original city hall, in the now-historic Four Corners district at Spokane Falls Boulevard and Howard Street. The building now houses Boo Radley’s and Atticus Coffee and Gifts.

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