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Hart’s gone AWOL

I was totally disgusted to read about Idaho Rep. Phil Hart’s tax-dodging ways. He sounds like a petulant teenager who wants the rules to apply to everyone else – not him.

This is so typical of these tea-partying Republicans who rant, scream and get violent over having to live up to their adult responsibilities in a modern 21stcentury America.

While I read this article about him, I was thinking of my son who is currently serving our nation in Afghanistan. He is making an enormous sacrifice as many of our sons and daughters are these days. Not so for Mr. Hart. Is it too much to ask that folks live up to their responsibilities and pay their tax?

Shame on Mr. Hart, and shame on the folks who voted him into a position of leadership and power. I hope the feds throw the book at this guy, seize his property to pay his tax bill and send him to Leavenworth, Kan., for tax evasion.

Being a citizen of this great country implies personal responsibility. Freedom is not free. Time to grow up, Mr. Hart.

William M. Olson



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