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World in brief: Kyrgyzstan attacks planned, U.N. reports

Osh, Kyrgyzstan – The U.N. has found evidence of bloody intent behind the chaos in Kyrgyzstan that killed hundreds, left the nation’s second-biggest city a smoldering ruin and sent more than 100,000 ethnic Uzbeks fleeing.

The declaration by the U.N. that the fighting was “orchestrated, targeted and well-planned” – set off by organized groups of gunmen in ski masks – bolsters government claims that hired attackers marauded through Osh, shooting at both Kyrgyz and Uzbeks to inflame old tensions.

U.S. dollar deposits limited

Culiacan, Mexico – In a step aimed at thwarting money-laundering by drug cartels, the Mexican government Tuesday announced strict limits on the deposit and exchange of U.S. dollars in banks, noting the nation’s economy is being flooded with illicit drug profits.

The money helps traffickers buy military-grade weapons used to kill tens of thousands of people and recruit small armies all over the country who battle rival gangs and government forces.

In response, the government announced it will limit individual bank-account holders to deposits of $4,000 monthly, while others without accounts will be allowed to exchange up to $1,500. Companies working along the border or in designated tourist areas can conduct bank transactions of up to $7,000 monthly.


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