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Obama insults those in uniform

I take exception to Mr. Artz’s letter on June 10. First, I am a vet with 34 1/2 years of service, with lots of service in Vietnam and elsewhere, and also did not appreciate the way the democratic people treated us on our return.

I must respect the office of the presidency, but nothing says I have to respect the person filling that office. This president so supports our military that he thinks that they should provide their own medical coverage, as they are volunteers. I assume he and his family are supplying their own medical coverage as he is also a volunteer. It appears that this president is going out of his way to insult our service personnel.

When anyone enters the military, one must supply their birth certificate, proof of education, etc. However, this “commander in chief” refuses to abide by the same rules that the people who serve under him must abide by.

Now that is real leadership; do as I say, not as I do. Weird way to run a ship, if I dare say so.

I thank Mr. Artz for his service in our fine military, but the truth must really hurt him a lot.

Les Spillman



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