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The Slice: Around here, we’re too artificial

Slice reader Megan Gray thinks the use of artificial sweeteners is Spokane’s favorite way to ruin iced tea.

“Real sugar and real lemons make it great,” she said.

Slice answers: John Slette came up with a local TV news slogan that seems appealingly modest: “Better than some of the others.”

Kim Cooper’s suggestion also avoided overselling: “The same news read by different people.”

Great moments in mispronunciation: “In 1986, when I met the (Anglican) bishop of London, Graham Leonard, he asked me where I was from,” wrote Edward Sawatzki. “I said, ‘Spokane.’

“‘Ah, SpoCane,’ he corrected.”

North Idaho woman says ‘Cry Me a River’: “So sad that people can’t pronounce Spokane,” wrote Carol Nelson. “Try living in Coeur d’Alene.”

Barista of the day: Chris Anderson, at GU’s Jepson Center.

“It would be hard to match Chris’s combination of relentless good cheer and outstanding coffee,” wrote Jeff Watson, a GU faculty member.

Chris is a guy. But an exhaustive 90 seconds of research persuades me that “barista” can be used to describe a caffeine dispenser of either gender.

Save birds and simplify your life: If you don’t let your cat go outside, you don’t have to experience that “uh oh” moment when a potent skunk odor overwhelms your neighborhood.

Hive mind: If you were one of those who took snapshots Saturday evening of the deft removal of a swarm of bees from a small tree outside The Davenport hotel, please contact The Slice. Beekeeper-to-the-rescue Lars Neises would like to have copies.

Neises, a math teacher and yoga instructor when he’s not wrangling honey makers, reported that the relocated downtown bees are well and keeping busy in their new, more bucolic home.

Today’s Slice question: So what part of “No Thru Traffic” don’t drivers understand?

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