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No sympathy for Hart

Somehow, I can summon no sympathy for Phil Hart, victim (guest opinion, June 19). He brought every one of his tax problems on himself when he bought into the silly idea that the 16th Amendment was “fraudulently ratified.” Perhaps he should have read more of the tax code and less of Bill Benson. Apparently legal brilliance is no substitute for common sense.

Hart claims he had $300,000 of business expenses, which means he had at least $300,000 of business income, plus enough for personal expenses. However, boxes of canceled checks and receipts do not necessarily a business expense make.

Phil represents the predominantly Republican district which includes Hayden, Athol and Rathdrum. The people who vote for and support Hart must have known of his income tax problems, but I wonder if it ever occurred to them he is being paid by the state of Idaho while refusing to pay his taxes. All of us taxpaying citizens are supporting him.

Hart has had 14 years of freeloading on all this country and state have to offer, while not contributing his share. Just the kind of person the GOP generally hates.

Janet Callen

Coeur d’Alene


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