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FRIDAY, JUNE 25, 2010

Stellar record target of smear

Conservatives do understand the role of accurate reporting in ensuring an informed electorate to sustain our great representative republic. That’s why Don Barbieri’s recent letter (June 18) caused me some concern.

In feeding Don inaccurate information about Mike Baumgartner, 6th District state Senate candidate (R), Chris Marr’s campaign operatives have made the defeated Democrat 5th District candidate for Congress look uninformed. A look at Mike’s biographical data on his campaign website, revealing his stellar credentials, would have saved Don from appearing as a shill spreading disinformation. Jim Camden could have done the same Web inquiry.

Mike has never been a Florida resident, but may have been there several times. Don also tries to impugn Mike’s affiliation with a Department of Defense contractor (he’s a “Blackwater” type?) and the Cayman Islands (he’s a tax cheat!). What a gratuitous smear!

Mike’s experience in Iraq and Afghanistan, working as an interagency expert in economic affairs for the State Department, took him outside the safety of the green zones. The flak jacket he wore could again come in handy, deflecting the hate-propelled lies and distortions that will be incoming from desperate and dug-in Democrats in the “green” zones of Spokane and Olympia.

John Weisenburger


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