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Government tap drying up

The different viewpoints in the daily letters are always very interesting, especially the political viewpoints. Some of the most interesting ones are nothing more than radical tirades against one party or the other. The ones I find bordering on humorous are the ones condemning the tea party, the Republican Party and conservatives in general. Facts don’t seem to get in their way.

You don’t need a crystal ball to realize most if not all their income must come from the government. Either as salary, retirement, disability payments or just plain welfare. By contrast, they read the constant flow of “letters” pointing out the ever-increasing cost to government is not sustainable and I believe they are frightened. Their gravy train may be coming to an end.

As proof governments can only operate on a negative budget for so long, consider Greece. Their government is bankrupt. Closer to home, consider California. It is several billions of dollars in debt and is paying its bill with IOUs. Or look at our own state. The governor of Washington is trying to balance the state budget by taxing bubble gum.

Robert C. Sprint


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