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Sat., June 26, 2010, midnight

Hypocrisy continues

Once again, we see the arrogance and hypocrisy of the Democratic Party. Has this country sunk so low that anyone can besmirch with impunity the reputation and motives of those who defend it? Oh, I forgot. Democrats can.

Michael Baumgartner is a self-employed business consultant. What part of “local businessman” does Mr. Barbieri (Letters, June 19) not understand? Mr. Baumgartner has a master’s degree from the John Kennedy School at Harvard and was an independent adviser to Ryan Crocker, the American ambassador to Iraq. Chris Marr owned an auto store and sold cars. Baumgartner is a native of Spokane. Mr. Marr is not.

I find it ironic that Don Barbieri, who never served in the military, questioned the character and integrity of Michael Baumgartner, who put his life on the line in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Maybe Mr. Barbieri could help Mr. Marr explain his ever-so-short military service of two years when the enlistment time during that era was three.

The choice is clear.

Michael Shea


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