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Idaho records

News of record

Criminal sentencings

Judge Clark Peterson

Leeanne R. St. Martin, 36, Coeur d’Alene; unlawful sale of alcohol to a minor; $500 fine.

Judge James Stow

Henry R. Nowak, 41, Post Falls; driving under the influence; $750 fine, $500 reimbursement for defense; 180 days in jail (174 days suspended) or 16 hours county work program, 90 days in jail, two years probation.

Judge Penny Freidlander

Tarl C. Blanchard, 21, Coeur d’Alene; disturbing the peace; $200 fine, 10 days in jail or 40 hours county work program.

Judge Barry Watson

Daniel C. Howard, 55, Coeur d’Alene; battery; $400 fine, 180 days in jail (106 days suspended, 14 days credited), 60 days unscheduled jail time, two years probation.

Marvin A. Coleman, 54, Coeur d’Alene; Count I: battery; $1,000 fine ($900 suspended), 180 days in jail (175 days suspended, five days credited), two years probation. Count II: malicious injury to property; $1,000 fine ($900 suspended), 180 days in jail (175 days suspended, five days credited).

Civil complaints

Household Bank v. Michael Wegner, seeking $2,320.

Capital One Bank v. Clifford Eastlick, seeking $2,985.

Capital One Bank v. Jamie Farrow, seeking $3,635.

Richard Doering v. Daniel Dustin and Ashley Dustin, seeking $1,475.

Capital One Bank v. Andrew Phelps, seeking $1,044.

Hayden Les Schwab Center v. Timothy Hanna, seeking $1,063.

Kaycan Limited v. Coeur d’Alene Custom Exteriors and Greg and Lori Wiltse, seeking $1,053.

Panhandle State Bank v. Ryan Brewer, seeking $24,407.

Numerica Credit Union v. Daniel and Crystal Bolyard, seeking $8,736.

North Idaho Credit Corp. v. Patricia Wright, aka Patricia Sellers, seeking $5,250.

Civil judgments

Chapman Financial Services Inc. v. Michael Gross, plaintiff awarded $2,705.

Cavalry Portfolio Services LLC v. Jan Schreiner, plaintiff awarded $1,846.

Rental Property Management v. Linette Swenson and Mark Swenson, plaintiff awarded $3,090.

Shoshone Adjustment Bureau v. Latoya Love, plaintiff awarded $2,106.

Capital One Bank v. Mallory Mayle, plaintiff awarded $2,244.

Citibank South Dakota v. Robert Nearing, plaintiff awarded $3,483.

Automated Accounts Inc. v. Bryan Rider, plaintiff awarded $1,508.

Numerica Credit Union v. Jason Moshan, plaintiff awarded $8,771.

Capital One Bank v. Rick Trom, plaintiff awarded $8,790.

Civil dismissals

Capital One Bank v. Debbie Reeser.

Harvest Credit Management VII v. Taryn Grimm, aka Taryn Selig.

Petition for change of name

Christine Lee Tabalno, petition for change to Christine Lee Sheppard.

Divorces sought

Chelsea J. Dalton from Jeffrey D. Dalton.

Daniel L. Kessler from Jessica E. Kessler.

Divorces granted

Delmar L. Shaw from Tamiko O. Shaw.

Jason M. Gray from Kimberley A. Crist.

Taffie L. Murphree from Everett E. Murphree.

Marilyn J. Olson from Clifford B. Olson.


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