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100 years ago

Seems that Spokane has a long history of fighting over road improvements. A plan to pave Indiana Avenue from Division to Madison streets sparked a “heated clash in the city council,” as one clique of council members voted to block the project.

“A great injustice is being done the people of that part of the city in holding them up this way,” huffed Councilman Peter Nelson. The plan was opposed by R.L. Dalke, who wanted the project to extend farther west to Ash Street, and who favored asphalt paving as opposed to a Hassam pavement that was under consideration and supported by Indiana Avenue residents.

Dalke considered the Hassam method experimental and his view prevailed. He predicted the matter would be delayed a “week or 10 days.” The city engineer feared the delay would derail the project for the year.

From the railway beat: “Spokane has won the greatest victory of her commercial history.” So proclaimed the Daily Chronicle in a story about a fight about railroad rates from St. Paul and Chicago to Spokane. The Interstate Commerce Commission ruled the railways must be ready to accept a new, lower rate schedule for moving goods to the city.

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1988: The Supreme Court upheld the independent counsel law.

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