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Authority in a losing battle

It doesn’t bother me so much that recent news headings say President Obama fired Gen. McChrystal, even though we should know that this important decision was not made by Obama alone. What is significant to me, however, is that nothing much has been said by the news media about the serious moral implications of McChrystal’s attitude.

As a commander, McChrystal stands at the head of legions of young troops – our young men and women. The insubordination he has demonstrated will, in many of these young people, promote and advance the idea that they have a right to similar disrespect and bashing of their government officials. This will not only undermine their own integrity and usefulness as soldiers, but will lead to a demoralization in a widespread way among our servicemen and women.

Have we completely forgotten that respect for authority has its place in society?

Elizabeth Staeheli


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