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Wed., June 30, 2010

Public safety slighted

While attending a Spokane City Council meeting on June 21, I witnessed something quite disturbing.

The investigative authority of our police ombudsman was being discussed. Over 40 citizens gave testimony on the misconduct and abuses that have been imposed upon our citizens by our police force. There was a full house of concerned citizens and members of local community activist groups to voice their frustrations and solutions.

It was a typical discussion with the council president, Joe Shogan, at his rude and unprofessional worst. The disturbing part was when Mayor Mary Verner and police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick chose to bail right before this important topic was brought forth. They in fact had been there for quite some time before to push through a proposal to acquire two new buildings for the Police Department. They didn’t feel the need to stay, I guess.

Obviously, public safety is not a high priority for the mayor and police chief. Their blatant lack of interest is a betrayal of us all.

Christy Anderson-Crosen

Ford, Wash.

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