March 2, 2010 in Letters

Nice person, wrong alliance

The Spokesman-Review

U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers voted against stimulus money to fund more North Spokane Corridor (and hundreds of badly needed new jobs in Spokane) even though she says she has for years wanted more such funding.

She voted for a war with unfounded goals, no exit strategy and no increase in funding to care for the harm to our men and women returning from battle (helping create the Walter Reed Hospital disaster) and without question watched as Vice President Cheney generated no-bid/no-competition contracts with his former companies. She saved money, though, by voting against the pay increase for our active-duty troops.

I do not think she is a hypocrite. I think she is a very intelligent and deeply caring person; but she blindly and strictly follows the GOP-corporate agenda.

She is against a public option in health care while our Spokane hospitals bleed, providing expensive emergency room care to those who could be better and inexpensively served in the doctor’s office; yes, those dropped by record-rich health insurance companies.

Her compass is not broken; it is simply that her loyalty is first to the corporate-run GOP, then us. Look at who in Eastern Washington is better off with her policy and budget decisions.

Ed Terhaar


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