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Tue., March 2, 2010, midnight

Olympia isn’t helping

In her Feb 21 guest opinion, Sen. Lisa Brown writes that people all across the state are cutting back their personal spending as they try to make ends meet. In the meantime, she wants to override laws the people voted in.

She also mentions that revenues have fallen in Washington as well as 47 other states. What happened to the other two states? Is it because they do not have state unions running them into the ground financially? She further states legislators have been elected by the people to deal with tough situations like the crisis facing us today.

Where was she when the Legislature had an easy decision to blow the rainy day fund? Maybe some of the employees should take a voluntary cut in pay. Some unions learned if they took a cut, they kept jobs. Oh, I forgot this is government that has an unlimited billfold.

Voters, remember when her four-year term is up, especially you on Social Security that got a big fat raise this year, as well as no increase in medical costs.

R.E. Walker

Spokane Valley

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