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Sat., March 6, 2010, midnight

Brown leads the way

Some of the letters about Sen. Lisa Brown’s leadership in the State House border on tripe.

“Kleptocrats” indeed! Anyone paying attention to politics over the last 30 years has heard the incessant drumbeat of prior leaders like Jim West who advocated for “less government, no new taxes.” It has served some businesses well at least for a time; Enron, AIG, Bank of America, for example.

However, it has not served the people well. The economic indicators show a decline in the middle class, a rise in the poor, and the few who have remained in the top tier are wealthier than ever. Over a trillion dollars have been sucked out of this economy, evaporated but for the debt that now must be paid by us, the taxpayers.

I applaud the senator for recognizing the immense financial crisis this state is in and, more, accepting the responsibility to do something about it.

This is a mean road we have set for ourselves, and I am glad we have the compassionate, intelligent Sen. Brown leading the way.

Pam Behring


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