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Sat., March 6, 2010

Civil War II

America’s Civil War II is finally under way. Simmering for the past 40 or so years, the battle between the private and public sectors has boiled over. The first shots have been provided by the economic quagmire and subsequent unemployment. Perhaps more folks finally have the time to realize the growing gap between wage and benefit packages, as well as the growth trends in each sector. And more importantly, who is providing them. Generous retirement plans with COLAs versus the virtual loss of defined benefit plans, increasing real wages versus continual losses to inflation, and continued growth in employment versus continued decline. The words “public servant” are now viewed with the same reverence as those who have fed this situation, “career politicians.”

I, for one, am hoping this war is fought to its conclusion and America returns to a suitable balance between those who produce and those who were created to assist in that process.

Dave Knecht

Spokane Valley

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