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Sat., March 6, 2010

Don’t invade Fairchild

In reading the article in Wednesday’s paper regarding the land surrounding Fairchild, I don’t understand why the local “powers to be” don’t get the message.

In the early ’90s when Fairchild first hit the BRAC list, I happened to be the chairman on the Armed Services Committee at the Chamber. I had the opportunity to learn more about BRAC and what it was looking at to determine a base closure. From my view point, it had three major categories to make that decision.

1) Importance of mission

2) Encroachment

3) Condition of facilities on the base

Obviously, we had/have no control of the mission. We have limited control of the condition of the facilities by who we elect. However, we have complete control of the encroachment issue. We all know the value of Fairchild. We need not do anything, or lack of doing something, to endanger our position regarding encroachment.

Wm. J. Hiatt


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