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Health care, not insurance

Problem: Many Americans cannot afford health care. They have no insurance because they can’t afford to buy it, or the insurance companies have dumped them because they have serious (and expensive) illnesses. The insurance companies are unscrupulous, care only for profits and will cheat and lie to preserve those profits.

Politicians’ solution: Force everyone to buy coverage from the unscrupulous, sleazy insurance companies. Taxpayers pick up the tab for the poor and unemployed, allowing the insurance giants to continue being rewarded for greed and corruption and deciding who lives and who dies.

My response: That is painfully, tragically stupid, and just what I expect from those who take millions from these same companies. But you aren’t in Washington to represent the insurance companies. You are there to represent the people, and if you won’t stand up for us, we will find someone who will.

I am furious about this and other travesties going on in my government.

I know right from wrong and so do you. Please help us get health care for all Americans. I didn’t say health insurance, I said health care.

Not the same thing.

Put your constituents above the corporations, and our welfare above your own need for a new car or a fancy vacation or big campaign contribution.

Su Chism


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