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Stop the spending

I’m getting so weary of our government “leaders” spending more and more of our dollars. Are they personally doing without anything? Can they afford all the gas, medical care, etc., that they need? I bet they even have extra money, too.

If we don’t write, call, or e-mail the people in government who are supposed to work for us, we will continue to be their cash cows with unlimited funds at their disposal.

Today I took the time to send our very supportive governor an e-mail:

How would I get a list of representatives/senators who voted in favor of Bill 6130, which overturned Initiative 960?

We taxpayers don’t need any more taxes, especially on gas. I’d like to make sure that I don’t vote/support anyone who is digging further into our pockets.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if the folks in Olympia took a pay cut? Think of the message that would send to the increasingly poorer taxpayers.

You’re not planning on running again, are you?

Roseanne Anderson