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The Slice: March Madness would take on a whole new meaning

A guy visiting Karen Mobley’s office said he had been over to “Gonzo University.”

That made her think of the “Sesame Street” character named Gonzo.

And how a Sesame Street University could be fun.

Yeah, especially just before the big game against Fraggle Rock.

More on pill drawers: After her mom died in 1989, Jeri Hershberger and her sister went through the medicine cabinet.

There was a pill bottle from a 1952 prescription. The directions said, “Take as needed for nerves.”

“My mom was 38 with two babies a year and a half apart,” wrote Hershberger.

Enough said.

Things I Wrote that Annoyed Certain Readers Department: My request that people not overdo their bid for authenticity when pronouncing “Chile” raised a few hackles. And yet, I’m unmoved.

Most of us know the difference between acknowledging the rules of Spanish and acting like a performer hyper-pronouncing “Nicaragua” in a “Saturday Night Live” skit.

Others were irked by my observation that some cyclists in Spokane ride bikes because they cannot afford cars.

Do my critics think those helmetless cyclists you see smoking cigarettes are high-income health purists?

Not everyone you see on a bike is making a lifestyle choice. Some have limited transportation options.

There’s diversity in the population of those who ride bikes. But some cyclists insist on pretending that all two wheelers are eco-saints who can do no wrong while a fair number of cycling-haters want you to believe that every bike rider is a self-impressed scofflaw twit in spandex.

That’s a swell starting point for constructive dialogue.

Mike Carlson’s addition to last Monday’s ideas for local-theme TV shows: “My Favorite Marmot.”

Today’s Slice question: What word would you use to describe the ferocity of snoring in your home?

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