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From our archives, 50 years ago

Spokane was buzzing about two film stars, Glenn Ford and Maria Schell, who arrived in town by train.

Ford was one of Hollywood’s top leading men, having recently appeared in “3:10 to Yuma.” The Austrian-Swiss actress Schell (the older sister of Maximilian Schell) had recently appeared in “The Brothers Karamazov” and “The Hanging Tree.”

Both had just finished filming “Cimarron” and were in town to attend a banquet. Schell’s smile clearly dazzled the paper’s reporter, who called her the “most graciously diplomatic Swiss miss of this or any other season.”

25 years ago: Union leaders at Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corp.’s Spokane-area plants urged its members to approve pay cuts in their contract.

The alternative: unemployment.

United Steelworkers of America union officials said an examination of Kaiser’s books convinced them that the company was in danger of financial collapse without union concessions.

It took another 17 years, but Kaiser would eventually file for bankruptcy.

Also on this date:

1781: The seventh planet of the solar system, Uranus, was discovered by Sir William Herschel.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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