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Sad, selfish, shortsighted

To the City Council members and developers wishing to retain the old YMCA building I can only say: how sad, how selfish, how shortsighted.

Sad that you can choose to ignore the majority of citizens you claim to represent who have repeatedly said tear down the Y and give us back the falls.

Selfish that you would consider developing this uniquely beautiful site for the pleasure of a rich few under the guise of reclaiming lost tax revenue. Every business in the park site prior to Expo ’74 represented tax revenue. Thank God such thinking did not prevail then.

Shortsighted that you would not complete the vision of a grand park in central Spokane. These spectacular falls are the jewel of Riverfront Park, unique in that their roiling, powerful beauty would be visible from a hundred yards away. Imagine the Y building gone and seeing and hearing these falls from such a distance. Nowhere else in the park is this possible. Please, I ask you to recognize this rare and singular opportunity to complete a majestic legacy for Spokane’s citizens, inspired visitors, and for grateful generations to come.

Rand Trevey


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