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Don’t scrimp on services

Our state’s financial situation is saddening and scary, thanks to our nation’s economic recession. Like nearly all Washingtonians, I am frustrated that we got into this economic state in the first place.

Our budget is a mess. The legislators in Olympia need to find a new approach to a balanced budget. I’m glad legislators are staying in the capital for a special session – hopefully a short one – so they can get this right.

We need sufficient revenue in the budget so we can be better prepared in case financial crises occur in the future. We need to do so without compromising our shared values and without compromising funding to necessary programs.

Essential community programs like maternity support services, child-care assistance and family planning depend on a new approach to balance the budget. We cannot afford to make the same mistakes.

Thank you to many of the legislators for protecting some funds for these critical programs in the current proposed budget – and I am asking to please use your extra days wisely and ensure there is enough revenue to make the budget a reality, and hopefully a positive one.

Mattie Orme