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Drones serve purpose

This is a response to the letter from Gloria Dehmer (Letters, March 14). People seem to think that the fact that some “civilians” are injured or killed means that the use of drones should be stopped.

Perhaps the critics that make these claims should have watched the Fox News segment on Feb. 17. They had a segment telling how terrorists are using women and children as human shields when shooting at our troops. The terrorists hope that the resulting injuries/deaths of those civilian hostages can be used in propaganda against the U.S. and our allies.

Dehmer’s statement, “Real, lasting security can only be achieved by peace. When will we ever learn,” sounds good, except for one minor detail. Our enemies have stated many times that they will stop fighting and killing when there are no more Jews, Christians or other infidels left to kill, and Islam is supreme over the entire Earth.

Ernest J. Chamberlain

Spokane Valley