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No sympathy for killer

A sentence of life imprisonment should mean just that: Life. Lonnie Link was, and is, a murderer. It does not matter that he became a snitch, found the Lord or simply didn’t know he was killing a police officer. Lonnie Link intentionally pulled the trigger and shot Brian Orchard dead. Those are the facts.

I served with Brian when I was a young police officer in Spokane. He was a fine and dedicated officer who did his job well and was a very respected officer among his peers and decent citizens of Spokane.

For former Prosecutor Don Brockett and attorney Mark Vovos to associate themselves in any positive manner with Lonnie Link is an insult to Brian and his family and to all police officers and sheriff’s deputies. Retired detective Brent Pfundheller should simply be ashamed of himself.

Thank goodness Don Brockett is gone. Vovos still believes he has a valid opinion, and Brent Pfundheller has a longtime friend who is remorseful.

Kenneth R. Brown