March 21, 2010 in Letters

Valor should be honored

The Spokesman-Review

A man tells his buddies goodbye and drives 40 miles into town to a crowded market. He then detonates his explosive-laden car, killing himself and dozens of innocent civilians. Gloria Dehmer (Letters, March 14), your view about peace shows you don’t have a clue. A terrorist thinks he wins if he kills himself and takes out as many as he can.

My youngest son is on his second deployment and is in Afghanistan now. His first was in Iraq. My oldest son, oldest daughter and her husband have also been deployed there. I am glad we have the drones to try to protect them. I want them to be able to come back to their children and families.

On 9/11 if you were in one of those planes, would you have stood up and given your little peace speech? I don’t think so. You would have been cowering in your seat, crying. There were only a few brave enough to do something and they died valiantly.

You will have war as long as you have greed. The only way to have peace is to have superior power and neutralize the threat as the U.S. has done in past wars.

Mike Carlson


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