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Fierce but forthright

U.S. attorney nominee Michael Ormsby is a person of sterling character. Many years ago, Mike was entrusted by his firm to administer resolution of a claim brought by an extremely badly injured client. I was the opposing insurance adjuster.

Mr. Ormsby was a fierce advocate for his client but an honest and forthright one at every step of the investigation and resolution. My company decided to pay policy limits as the result of Mr. Ormsby’s presentation, but in doing so, we felt that our payment was based on a factually presented case which was free of exaggeration.

In later years, I would occasionally see Mr. Ormsby and his clients on flights from Seattle. It is genuinely good to see some people in a public situation because the greeting and interchange is invariably pleasant. Mr. Ormsby is one such individual.

Bill Tann



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