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Israel a ‘rogue nation’

I agree with Joseph Harari’s letter of March 16 where he states that suing Israel is senseless. Israel often does not respect international law and when sued and convicted of violation (by the International Court in Hague) it simply ignores the verdict as in the case of the illegal wall on Palestinian land.

A much more efficient way would be to stop our support for Israeli atrocities, i.e., to stop all military and political support for that rogue state. By being reckless and lawless, suppressive and violent towards Palestinians in Israel and on occupied territories including East Jerusalem, Israel does not protect its citizens, it encourages and motivates Palestinian terrorism as hopelessness leaves that as the most logical option to the ravaged Palestinians: Would any of us in the same situation act differently?

To protect Israeli and all the other citizens, there is only one real long-term solution: to seek justice for everybody, not advantages for one group over another, much less suppression of a population. This we all should support and stand for.

Peter C. Dolina



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