March 23, 2010 in Letters

Let the marathon begin

The Spokesman-Review

Unfortunately, the health reform debate is now a political quagmire. The best ideas have been carved out by special interests and political posturing. What is left on the table is severely flawed and grossly inadequate. However, that being said, it is dramatically better than the status quo. Thus, it becomes absolutely essential.

Sadly, we must accept the political reality that a true transformation of American health care cannot come in one bite. Recognizing that, we must begin the process by passing this first health reform legislation now. Clearly, it is only the first step of a marathon to achieve a system Americans really need – but it is a crucial step. No, the plan before us is not adequate, long-term, but it will serve as a vital tourniquet on a bleeding patient that is American health care.

Robert A. Colvin

Worley, Idaho

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