March 23, 2010 in Letters

Partisanship trumps people

The Spokesman-Review

The sheer arrogance of the Democratic Party and their socialist agenda should send a wake-up call to the American people. Poll after poll confirms that the majority of Americans are against “Obama Care.” Yet the Democrats are snubbing their socialist noses at the American people.

Likewise in the Statehouse, “We the people” approved Initiative 960 yet the state Democrats ignored the people’s will and raised taxes anyway.

That brings us to Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. So are our two senators going to 1) obey the Constitution, and 2) obey the majority of the American people, or are they going to vote along party lines? We the People say one thing, Pelosi, Reid and Obama say something different. It’s time to choose, Patty and Maria, obey your party or the Constitution and the people. The choice is yours.

William A. Hall


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