March 23, 2010 in Letters

Stalin would be proud

The Spokesman-Review

Dear comrades, the Duma has officially voted to steal money, print fake money, force fees and taxes on nonbelievers, reward insolence and irresponsibility, force elected officials to work on the Sabbath and government funding of abortion. I am so proud of the Trotskyite/Leninist movement.

If only Metamucil could have been invented sooner to help move things along faster. We can only be grateful to the Stalinist government for its insight to getting rid of a constitution that gave people rights to freedoms they fought for and references to God.

Dictating to people what they should have is of course the only Maoist way to achieve total social justice and allegiance to the leader. Comrades, now that victory is at hand, we can only hope that the Supreme Court doesn’t shove this health care bill down the leader’s progressive, over-voiced, Wilsonian, tar- and nicotine-inflamed throat.

Paul G. Swanson


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