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The party of ‘no’

I see in the newspaper that the governor of Idaho is poised to sue the federal government to prevent the hardworking, middle-income workers of Idaho from getting health insurance from the new health care bill. Of course we can bet that he and his family have good health care, probably provided by the state government and paid for by the taxpayers of Idaho.

So what’s new? Republicans are always against anything that will benefit the middle-income people of this country. Especially when they need a little help making ends meet.

They were against Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, minimum wage and public assistance. Any of you folks ever use or need any of the programs I just mentioned?

The Republicans don’t like any of them because their big tax cuts would be reduced to help pay for them. What amazes me is so many people keep voting for them when they do absolutely nothing for us.

Also sounds like Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers here in Spokane. The party of no is the same all over the country.

Mike Miles