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Art of compromise lacking

I am beginning to worry about the Republican Party, because it appears that they have all gone crazy.

One definition of “politics” is “the art of compromise.” The Republican Party does not compromise. John McCain bluntly states, “There will be no cooperation for the rest of the year.”

Our new health care legislation does stink a little, but it is better than the alternative – nothing – which has been the Republican platform for quite a while. Even Jamaica has universal health care, which the new USA plan definitely isn’t.

But look – the sun is shining today, the Dow remains stable, the birds are singing, and spring continues to creep across the land, despite conservatives Beck and Limbaugh, who predicted the end of life as we know it, as opposed to just a chunk of legislation being passed.

Why are some conservative persons spitting on Congress members and throwing bricks through their windows? What kind of kiddy response is that? It’s like a bunch of snotty children having meltdowns because they didn’t get what they wanted, hence a big giant tantrum all across the nation.

Please, get a grip and relearn to compromise. Conservatives used to be good at it.

Nancy Runyan

Spokane Valley

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