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From our archives, 50 years ago

Two Navy fliers died when their A-3D Sky Warrior bomber went into a spin and lost its tail section about 50 miles southwest of Spokane near Harrington.

A third crewman survived when he bailed out of the torn-apart plane and deployed his parachute. After hitting the ground, high winds dragged him and his parachute for an incredible three miles.

A farmer saw the runaway parachute, chased it with his Jeep, and finally collapsed the canopy by running over it.

The crewman was treated for minor injuries at Fairchild Air Force Base. The plane and crew were based at Whidbey Naval Air Station.

100 years ago: The Spokane River reached flood stage again.

Lower Peaceful Valley was flooded, and water filled the basements of many downtown buildings, including City Hall.

The river was a torrent of whitecaps, uprooted trees, driftwood and stray boards. Residents along the river were keeping vigil.

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1836: The first Mormon temple was dedicated, in Kirtland, Ohio. … 1884: The first telephone line between Boston and New York was inaugurated. … 1964: Alaska was hit by a powerful earthquake and tsunamis that killed about 130 people.

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