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Sat., March 27, 2010

Peace stand refreshing

I applaud Gloria Dehmer (Letters, March 14). It was refreshing to read a statement from a proponent of peace against this din of war glory that pervades America. I could have let this go except for letters from Mike Carlson and Ernest Chamberlain on March 21 that were in harsh judgment of her position.

Chamberlain states our enemies claim they will continue killing until there are no Jews or Christians. Whether stated by one man or 100 it indicts the entire Middle East. It’s a religious war to him.

Carlson says there will always be war as long as there is greed. Well, gosh, looks like Catch-22. If these are the prevalent views of Americans, then we can expect continuous war not only for ourselves but for our descendants to infinity or expiration.

Peace is not a hippie dream. We need to respect other nations and cultures. Believe it or not, it’s not all about us.

Here’s a thought: How do you know if they are enemies of America or patriots of their country who simply want us out?

Donald W. Daw


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