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The Slice: A little synergy can make it twice as nice

Sat., March 27, 2010

You probably know that there’s going to be a way those doing both Bloomsday and Hoopfest can compete for a sort of combo-championship this year.

Right. But why stop there?

Maybe we should look for other pursuits to pair up. I believe con men and consultants call this synergy.

For instance, if we just move up the dates for the Spokane Interstate Fair, competitors could vie for blue ribbons and then see if anyone would eat their entries at Pig Out in the Park.

Cyclists taking part in May’s Bike to Work Week could try to keep riding until Spokefest in September.

With the help of food drop-offs and maybe some sort of catheter arrangement, spectators who secured prime spots for their lawn chairs before the St. Patrick’s Day Parade could stay put until the Lilac Festival’s Armed Forces Torchlight Parade.

People attending the Spokane International Film Festival could also show up for Get Lit! Oh, wait. They already do.

Well, how about challenging those checking out ArtFest to keep on the same T-shirts until First Night Spokane? Oh, wait. They already do.

Anyway, you get the idea.

Of course, these double-your-pleasure competitions would not have to be restricted to pairings of organized events. I’m sure we could figure out a few combo contests simply based on some of Spokane’s signature activities.

You know. Yard sale-ing and not going to a WSU football game.

Snow shoveling and raking leaves into the street.

Badmouthing renters and gathering firewood.

Driving kids to soccer and blocking grocery aisles.

Pretending to have job offers in Seattle and smiling as your dog takes a dump in someone else’s yard.

Working on old cars and wearing pants that don’t fit.

OK, your turn.

Today’s Slice question: Do your co-workers or neighbors have any idea where you stand on religion?

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