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Sun., March 28, 2010

Getting the Bible right

Columnist Leonard Pitts (March 22) persistently comments on things he doesn’t know. Whatever Beck said, the error is with liberal pseudo-Christians, like Pitts, who can’t grasp the real gospel.

Pitts’ friend found 2,000 verses calling for social/economic “justice.” Most of those are Old Testament, for ancient Israelis struggling with theocracy.

Does America want theocracy? Read the New Testament; prove that Christ’s gospel is about social or economic equality. What is it really? Faith in the Savior who took God’s punishment for sinners; that they’ll live after death by faith in Him. The Bible recounts people who suffered for this real faith.

Pitts’ friend said Beck struck at the heart of “their” faith. Then their faith isn’t real – read Matthew 7:21-23. Suffering and persecution are promised to genuine, devout believers.

Pitts sneers at the “sweet by and by,” but it’s the only hope to anticipate. It lasts forever, as does its horrific alternative.

Didn’t Christ say to help the poor? Yep, to real Christians. He also said, “the poor you have always.” This world is under God’s judgment. It will not be redeemed by socialist welfare advocates posing as Christians, trying to manipulate the gospel for political gain.

Rod Foss


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