March 28, 2010 in Letters

GOP ignited fuse

The Spokesman-Review

Senate Republicans are playing to their base with the childish behavior they are exhibiting – ridiculous amendment proposals, shutting down committee hearings in the middle of the day and making undeliverable threats to repeal the new health care law that would require a veto-proof majority.

But the base they are trying to placate is one capable of making obscene phone calls and death threats to members of Congress, vandalizing private property and throwing bricks through congressional office windows reminiscent of Kristallnacht.

The idea of stirring up the emotions of these obviously unstable, irresponsible and dangerous people is precarious. How quickly we forget the atmosphere that encouraged Tim McVeigh to carry out his mission of hate. How quickly we forget the active, visible militia movement that threatened domestic tranquility in the 1990s. How quickly we forget that these things happened when conservative Republicans, led by Newt Gingrich, stirred the political pot and fired up the base.

Words have consequences. Irresponsible leadership provides an excuse and cover for these deranged people to do their dirty work. It has to stop.

Bob Wynhausen


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