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Lawsuit wastes tax dollars

I have to voice my objection to the proposed action of state Attorney General Rob McKenna to sue the federal government over the now passed health care bill.

Our state is in a severe budget crisis. Needed services are being cut back in all areas to save money. Yet Mr. McKenna has the department resources to sue the government. I suggest that his department budget should be cut substantially, as he appears to have extra money to pursue this partisan act.

The funds saved could then be applied to education needs, police and fire department needs and emergency services needs. These are areas in which additional monies would serve the citizenry. A constitutional challenge would definitely not help the people of Washington state.

Other states have proposed to take like action. Let those states squander their resources as they see fit. Washington cannot afford to waste tax dollars.

Mr. McKenna should care more about the citizens of Washington and their needs rather than caring about furthering his own political future within the Republican Party.

Paula Greenfield

Newport, Wash.