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Sun., March 28, 2010

Perfection a little closer

Most major American cities are built on coastal bays or alongside lakes or rivers. Some have a river flowing through the heart of downtown.

Virtually every city has parks, and many of these are beside a lake or river. Some cities have downtown parks, a few of which are also on a river.

A much smaller number of cities have natural wonders within their borders, a scenic rocky cliff or forested butte, a cascading river or even a spectacular waterfall. Very few cities, less than a handful in the entire country, are lucky enough to find such a wonder alongside a spacious green park right in the heart of downtown.

Thanks to fortunate geography, a proud history and forward-looking leaders, our city finds itself in this very privileged group. Spokane Falls are our lucky city’s natural treasure. By returning the former YMCA site to open green space, we will enhance the setting of Spokane’s unique, virtually priceless jewel.

Spokane’s downtown: very near nature, not yet perfect.

Marjorie Tracy


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