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Some building year

The armchair coaches are at it again. The Zags should have done this, coach Mark Few should have done that. You folks need to have a serious reality check.

At some point in the telecast of the Gonzaga games, a CBS commentator spoke highly of a coach at another school because his team had seven straight 20-win seasons. Gonzaga has had 12 straight 23-win or better seasons. In those 12 years, the Bulldogs have averaged 26.6 wins per season.

Sure, we lost in the third round of the 2009 NCAAs, but we lost to the eventual champion, North Carolina. This year we lost in the second round, in an arena that was 1,900 miles from Spokane and 150 miles from our opponent’s campus.

Also, we are forgetting that we lost players that accounted for 65 percent of Gonzaga’s scoring last year. Our typical starting lineup this year included one senior, one junior, two sophomores and one freshman. I think most of us thought it was going to be a “building year.” I’ll take building years like this every year.

How can anyone criticize the performance of Gonzaga, the coaching staff and the players? We should throw them a parade and shower them with congratulations, praise and compliments.

Terry Godbout

Coeur d’Alene