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Letters to the Editor

Sun., March 28, 2010

Stick to the job

There are three branches of government. As a leader of the legislative branch, Sen. Lisa Brown has failed to produce a budget in the regular legislative session. We are now paying for a special session and what is Sen. Brown doing? She is now fighting with Attorney General Rob McKenna concerning the national health care bill.

She is even threatening to cut funding to his office if he follows through with legal action wanted by many citizens in this state. The role of the attorney general is one of the many “checks and balances” on our democratic form of government.

Sen. Brown has no problem using tax dollars to challenge a law restricting raising taxes (I-960) but does not believe the attorney general should question a new law that affects every citizen in the state. McKenna is doing his job protecting the consumer from federal government overreaching.

Sen. Brown should do her elected duty, pass a budget on time and not raise my taxes as she promised last year. We elect her to pass laws and write a budget – not threaten a statewide elected official.

Curtis Fackler


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