March 28, 2010 in Letters

Ward more trustworthy

The Spokesman-Review

As a former U.S. Marine and staff member of Congressman Bill Sali, I am offended by Sali’s comment that sending Vaughn Ward to Congress would be like sending a Boy Scout to Iraq.

I honorably served this nation both in the military and for three different members of Congress. My experience has taught me when we are faced with the question of choosing the right person to send to Congress we should ask ourself one important question: “Who do I trust with my life?”

Make no mistake, Idaho. Every day, Congress makes decisions that affect the lives of every American. So ask yourself, residents of the 1st Congressional District of Idaho, who do you trust with your life?

Mr. Sali and I agree experience matters most, so should we trust our lives to a career politician with experience voting for legislation in the safety of House chambers? Or should we trust a combat-decorated Marine with experience being directly responsible for the lives of others while serving in the most hostile part of the world? Which candidate do you trust with your life?

Josh Callihan

Coeur d’Alene

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