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Trio spends recklessly

Talk about three of a kind! Lisa Brown, Chris Marr and Gov. Gregoire epitomize what I’ve been saying about the trio for a long time, i.e. their reckless spending habits.

I read in The Spokesman-Review’s Roundtable on April 25 about what went on during the Olympia Legislature’s tax-and-spend, ship-of-fools session.

Paul Guppy opined in his column an excellent expose of the “Bad process, shoddy result”(s), pointing out, clandestine meetings, withholding names when voting for increasing taxes, disregarding rules and enacting laws in seconds without any input to explain their thievery.

Yes, the stacked deck, three of a kind (up their sleeves), broke the house and the citizens were fleeced.

On the same page, a letter to the editor from a Sally Jackson, who was bragging what a bargain her taxes provided, and listed benefits she thought that were the best, mouthing, “a big bang we get for our bucks.” Statistically speaking, I’ll wager Jackson is in the 47 percent of the population who does not pay any federal income tax.

I do pay federal income taxes.

Dick Adams



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