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Local meal company scores Costco space

Bold Eats has scored some coveted Costco freezer space for one of its menu listings. The Spokane-based provider of ready-to-cook meals, whose parent company is Angus Meats, a regional supplier of meat products, introduced its Chicken and Chorizo Succotash to the warehouse club chain’s store on North Division Street on Monday.

Owners Tom and Leslie Stachecki hired local chef and Inland Northwest Culinary Academy instructor Curtis Smith to design its offerings, which include frozen meat, vegetables and sauce.

Unlike other freezer meals, the entrees aren’t just warmed up hastily in a microwave and served. Preparation involves searing the meat, adding the vegetables, sauce and water, and letting the meal simmer. It takes about 15 minutes.

Each package costs about $10 and serves two or three people, according to the Stacheckis.

The packages don’t contain pasta or rice, which manufacturers often use to bulk up the weight of other freezer meals, they say. The meals are produced at the Angus Meats facility in Spokane, a business that has been around for almost 40 years.

Bold Eats will be offering samples of the Chicken and Chorizo Succotash at the North Division Costco store, 7619 N. Division St., on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Costco stores require customers to have a membership to shop there.

The meal, and six other varieties of Bold Eats entrees, already are available at all 12 of Yoke’s Fresh Market stores, some area Albertson’s stores and Bargain Giant at 2103 E. Empire Ave.

Bold Eats items include: Jerk Pork and Black Beans; Oaxaca Beef; Chicken Mirabella; Bambarre Pork and Peanut Ragout; and Gorgonzola Beef.

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