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Protests about spending

C.A. Cordero (Letters, April 28) thinks the tea party’s arguments are “disingenuous” because they didn’t protest in the streets when the Republicans were in power. Bush left office with a record-setting $450 billion deficit (bad), but when Obama runs it up to $1.4 trillion his first year (much worse), it is now “disingenuous” when people stand up and say enough is enough? This is not a Republican/Democrat issue; this is an out-of-control spending issue.

Cordero also complains of the comparisons between today’s tea party movement with the original, saying that today’s “tea partiers are not protesting a foreign government but the will of the American people … .”

Two things wrong with this assessment: 1. Cracking open any American history book will reveal that Britain was not a “foreign” power before the Revolution. The original “tea partiers” were protesting their own government. 2. No elected official ran on the platform of tripling the record deficit. Is fiscal irresponsibility really the will of the American people? I think not.

Bart Stevens

Spokane Valley

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