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Peace overtures give hope

This afternoon, I received the May issue of my Veterans of Foreign Wars magazine, which is mainly devoted to all Americans contemplating Memorial Day. The cover picture shows a member of the U.S. Army sitting and leaning against the granite tombstone of a soldier killed in Iraq. Many rows of tombstones to view while leaning against that cold granite.

This issue reminded me of the April 30 article which showed a picture of the Indian prime minister smiling and warmly shaking the hand of the Pakistani prime minister in Bhutan recently. These two nuclear neighbors’ relations seem to be getting better and with that the increased possibility of concentrating more Pakistani troops on the Afghan border known for Taliban and al-Qaida insurgents.

Hopefully, the relationship will get stronger with increased diplomacy and result in a concentrated campaign that will better protect our troops in Afghanistan and bring about a swifter end to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida. I don’t know what is on the mind of that brave soldier sitting somewhat serenely in that cemetery, but most combat vets that I know hope and pray for the opportunity to spend more time with their children and grandchildren.

James Gordon Perkins



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